Northstack is asking for your help

Northstack is asking for your help

Northstack has since 2015 covered, gathered data on, analysed, commented, and discussed the Icelandic startup, innovation and venture ecosystem.

What started as a simple blog has grown into something (a little bit) bigger with regular reports, and analyses, on topics that few or no other media in Iceland focuses on.

Northstack has never charged for this service – although we’ve done regular custom projects and received grants for others. Northstack has been run as a hobby, side project.

Now we’re reaching out to you, the community of individuals, companies, and institutions alike who’ve made this journey so interesting, asking you to financially support Northstack. The support will go towards operations and modest growth, and the unblocking of projects for the sake of the ecosystem that previously we were unable to do due to financial constraints.

You can click below to support Northstack, for a recurring amount. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to

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