Visiting Iceland?

If you’re coming to Iceland and want to connect with the Icelandic startup scene, send us a message and let’s meet up. We at Northstack would love to tell you about what’s happening in the Icelandic startup scene, and learn about what’s happening in yours.

If you're looking to move to Iceland, or for work in the tech sector here, we recommend our partner Geko! Geko is the go-to talent partner for tech and innovation talent in Iceland. At Geko, they're all about connecting exceptional talent with Iceland's dynamic tech ecosystem. 

How Geko can help

🌟 Experience: With a deep understanding of the tech industry and the Icelandic market, Geko offers valuable insights. Geko is skilled at finding, nurturing, and retaining talent in tech in Iceland. 

🔗 Relationships: Geko’s approach goes beyond filling job openings. They focus on building lasting relationships with companies and candidates, ensuring the right fit for both. Geko works with over 100 companies in Iceland, and their portfolio keeps growing! 

🇮🇸 Talent in Iceland: Geko specialises in supporting talent already based in Iceland to connect with opportunities that might not be found through traditional networks. 

🌍 Global Reach: While Geko is rooted in Iceland, their reach extends far and wide. If you are considering moving to Iceland, Geko can provide information about how that might be possible. 

Connect with Geko:

🌱 Grow your Career: If you are open to exploring opportunities in Iceland, check out Geko’s career page here or drop them an email to 

🌱 Grow your Team: If you are looking to grow your team in Iceland, send Geko a message to