Northstack was founded in 2015 with the goal of increasing coverage and reporting about the Icelandic startup scene. Since the beginning we’ve covered startups, analysed investments & funding, published opinion pieces, and commented on developments in the ecosystem.

Northstack is a side project for us. We’re all working or learning about startups and tech, and wanted to contribute to the scene in any way we could. Reporting and analysis on the Icelandic startup scene was missing (or bad), so we decided to start doing it ourselves. Since then, our operations have grown, but it’s still a work of passion.

Our mission is to increase the quality and awareness of the Icelandic Startup Scene through reporting, analysis, and community building.

Our initiatives include the Icelandic Startup and Tech Slack community, research and reports – both our own and with partners and the book club that started in the Slack community.

If you’re visiting Iceland and want to connect with the Icelandic startup scene, send us an email. We’re happy to connect, and help you get to know the scene.

If you want to participate in building this platform, have an announcement or tip, send us a line at northstack@northstack.is