We need your help to gauge the status of Icelandic tech scene

Northstack is working with London based VC fund Atomico on their annual State of European Tech report. You can find their 2015 edition here.

Click here to take the State of European Tech survey.

A part of the report analyses the local tech communities based on a survey of founders, entrepreneurs, investors and tech employees, and Northstack is helping Atomico by distributing the survey.

The reason you should participate is twofold:

a) The Icelandic tech and startup community needs to be properly represented in big reports like this one.

b) If we get enough participants, we’ll be able to get the Icelandic data and analyse the results, which will help us gauge the health of the Icelandic tech and startup community.

Simply follow this link to take the survey. Our partners at Atomico promised that it shouldn’t take long.