Vizido: Use photos and screenshots to remember or do

Vizido is an app that uses photos and screenshots to help the user remember things. It’s a novel take on note taking and to-do lists, based on the assumption that all one needs to remember is a photo. The user never needs to type anything: just snap a photo and add to the list. “It is a powerful idea that you just need a photo or a screenshot to remember things,” says Pétur Orri Sæmundsen, co-founder and CEO of Vizido. “We are doing something we want to use ourselves and we hope other people will like as much as we do.”

Pétur Orri Sæmundsen
Pétur Orri Sæmundsen

Pétur says he got the idea while lying in bed browsing through Twitter and Flipboard finding interesting articles he wanted to read later. “I had gone through a few read-later apps like Pocket and Instapaper but was still back at square one sending myself emails,” says Pétur. “So I thought, what if I could just take a screenshot and gather all the screenshots in a list and process it later.”

The app is currently in alpha testing on iOS, with around 20 people testing it. “We plan to release a beta version in about a month and we’re looking for testers. Those interested can sign up for beta access on our website,” says Pétur.


The first version will be about the basic functionality of the app – being able to grab the real world and the screen world, organize it and get things done. The next steps will be focus on collaboration. “For example you could share with your significant other photos of olive oil or a lamp that is reminder of things to buy or do,” he suggests.

Development of Vizido over the last six months has been fully funded by Kolibri, with an initial investment of 20 million ISK. The company is currently looking for investors.

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