Vivaldi adds built-in screenshot options and more in new update

Vivaldi, the browser founded by former Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner has released a new version.

The new screenshot feature lets users save and share entire webpages, even outside of the currently visible area, as they browse. It also allows taking a screenshot of a selection, including the user interface of the browser itself.
Today, screenshots often replace written communication,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies. “Instead of sending a URL to share something interesting on a page or having to go through a long process of taking, saving, editing and only then sending a screenshot, Vivaldi users get a much more powerful and efficient tool – and multiple ways of working with it.
Vivaldi now makes it possible to silence all tabs at once – and without the need to look for the tab that is causing the noise. This could be particularly helpful for people who like to browse with many tabs open.

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