Twitter is hiring in Iceland

Twitter is hiring in Iceland
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Twitter is looking for front-end programmers to work out of Iceland, according to Haraldur Thorleifsson, which started working for Twitter out of Iceland recently after Twitter aquired Ueno, a design firm he founded in 2014.

Haraldur tweeted about this earlier today, in Icelandic. “Icelandic front-end programmers: Twitter is hiring in Iceland. Send me a DM,” said in Thorleifsson’s tweet.

He said to Viðskiptablaðið that there wasn’t any cap on the number of jobs that Twitter was offering in Iceland, but as Northstack recently reported, a corporate entity was set up by Twitter in Iceland so that Thorleifsson could work for Twitter from Iceland.

“Twitter Reykjavík is now a reality,” said Haraldur after formally working his first day as a Twitter-employee in late February.

It looks like the team at Twitter Reykjavík might soon expand.

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