Treble Technologies raises $2m in seed funding

Treble Technologies raises $2m in seed funding

Treble Technologies, an Icelandic startup that develops specialized sound simulation and sound design software, has finalised a $2m seed financing round. Key investors are Börkur Arnviðarsson founder of ChemoMetec, Omega ehf., Sigþór Sigmarsson of Novator Partners LLP and Trausti Kristjánsson.

Treble, which was founded in late 2020, is currently targeting the AEC industry (architecture, engineering, construction), by developing software products that change how designers of the built environment work with acoustics and soundscapes. The company claims these products enable users to cut costs, reduce risk, engage clients, and ultimately develop better designs. The official launch of the first product is scheduled in late 2022, but Treble has already established partnerships with leading companies within the AEC industry like BIG Architects, COWI, Henning Larsen Architects and Saint-Gobain.

Dr. Finnur Pind, CEO and co-founder, says the team is very proud to have been able to secure their seed round and that it indicates the company is on the right track.

Sigþór Sigmarsson, director at Novator Partners and board member at Treble says that the company “is currently developing technology that can revolutionize how sound and acoustics are analysed and designed in the built environment. The Treble team is very strong and consists of globally leading individuals in the space of sound simulation. The core technology has widespread applicability as sound is everywhere around us, both in the real world and in digital worlds, and it will be exciting to participate in and support Treble’s journey.”

Treble Technologies origins trace back to the academic world, to research work led by Finnur Pind together with scientists from EPFL, DTU and Virginia Tech. The team was able to develop a method for highly realistic and efficient simulation of sound which forms the foundation of Treble’s technology.

Chief commercial officer and co-founder, Gunnar Pétur Hauksson, notes that the AEC industry is a suitable beachhead market for Treble but adds that long term ambitions are to become global leaders in sound simulation in general. “We aim to become a one-stop-shop for sound simulation and generation for all digital use-cases”.