The Nordic Web launches angel fund to invest across the Nordics

The Nordic Web, a long time collaborator of Northstack and one of the main resources for data and analysis on the Nordic startup ecosystem, just announced its angel fund. Neil Murray, founder of the Nordic Web, leads the fund, which is backed by more than 50 investors across the ecosystem.

“I’m proud that The Nordic Web Angel Fund is backed by more than 50 people who wish to play an active role in directly supporting the ecosystem in the Nordics,” says Neil Murray, founder of the fund. “By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of our investors in the fund, we can offer unrivalled support in helping early-stage Nordic startups, with access to a whole community behind them.”

The fund will invest in 10-15 early stage Nordic startups over the next twelve months, which would make it one of the most active funds in the region.

A number of investors in the fund are individuals active in the Icelandic startup scene – including Georg Lúðvíksson, founder of Meniga; Helga Valfells, Hekla Arnardóttir, and Jenný Ruth Hrafnsdóttir of Crowberry Capital, and Kristinn Hrobjartsson, of Northstack.

More info on the fund here.

Disclosure: Kristinn Hrobjartsson (me), co-founder of Northstack, is an investor in the fund.