The most difficult tech recruitment in Reykjavik

Jökull Sólberg Auðunsson, co-founder Takumi
Jökull Sólberg Auðunsson, co-founder Takumi

Due to software eating the world the demand for coding talent has been increasing. Not only are the number of people seeking degrees in computer science increasing, but the pay is rising and the fight for top talent is fierce.

The universities in Iceland have done a great job developing talent and exposing people to real world problem solving, readying them for fruitful careers and entrepreneurship.

Another line of work that is crucial for startups and technology companies is interactive product design. There is no course or degree in Iceland focusing on this important and lucrative line of work. The closest is LHÍ with its graphics department. I’ve had numerous discussions with alumni and staff from the department asking them why students are only exposed to outdated mediums, no interactive work and no animation work. Their answers vary and feel defensive.

LHÍ graduates a lot of great talent every year but they are not prepared or encouraged to investigate mediums where the salaries are going. This is a disservice to the students but also to the ecosystem as a whole. We would all benefit greatly from more people seeking a career in interactive design and product management.