Tagplay launches support for Facebook Live

Tagplay, the Icelandic startup that lets companies update their websites and displays automatically using social media, launched Facebook Live video support this week. We’ve previously covered Tagplay, when they launched and reached the top at Product Hunt. In their words:

With Tagplay, companies can integrate their social media and website strategy. All brands on social media have now become publishers that post original content or curated content from others that relates to their fans. The website is still companies’ front on the internet and has to be kept updated with relevant information and content. This information and other content is now first posted on social media because of the convenience and reach, and with Tagplay they can share it to other channels, e.g. their website,” says Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, CEO of Tagplay.
Companies have been using Facebook live video for marketing purposes with e.g. live streaming events, product launches and openings, behind the scenes, Q&A, tutorials and contests. Facebook’s newest algorithm gives more preference to video that’s live than video that’s not and therefore it’s a great way for marketers to get organic reach on Facebook.
Companies have also been using Facebook live videos to live stream events to their employees through groups on Facebook or through Facebook’s new collaborative tool, Facebook Workplace. With Tagplay, workplaces can now automatically showcase these videos and other content on their company’s website, intranet or information displays in the company.

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