Strimillinn helps consumers “master their shopping basket”

Meet Strimillinn, a new service that aims to help you monitor your day-to-day shopping and help you make smarter decisions as a consumer. Strimillinn provides consumers with an app which they can use to scan receipts from grocery stores and other retail stores people visit on a day-to-day basis. The scanned receipt is then automatically analyzed by Strimillinn and users can use the service to compare their purchases to those of other consumers and optimize for the best prices and offers available at local retailers.

In addition to providing consumers with an insight into their own shopping and the ability to easily compare prices and offers between retailers, Strimillinn plans to provide retailers and brands with information on consumer purchasing behaviour and the ability to offer consumers highly relevant offers at the right moment.


Strimillinn won the 2015 Golden Egg business plan competition and launched a beta version of the service last summer. According to Lee Roy Tipton, Strimillinn co-founder, participating in the Golden Egg helped the team shape their idea and raise interest in the project, both from the public and the media.

The team behind Strimillinn runs the software studio Loftfarið parallel to developing the service, which helps finance the project. Additionally, Strimillinn received a grant from the Technology Development Fund amounting to approximately $54,000 (7 million ISK) in 2015 with a chance of the same amount being issued in 2016.

“We’ve had a great reception to our launch and received 617 receipts the first day” says Lee Roy, commenting on the release of Strimillinn last month. At the time of writing, almost 15.000 receipts have been scanned into the system by almost 2300 unique users (you can follow the project’s growth on their website.

There are exciting times ahead for Strimillinn, who will be pitching at Slush 2015, held November 11-12 in Helsinki, Finland. Strimillinn is also actively looking for potential retail partners to help develop the service and are aiming to update their mobile app with more functionality soon.

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