Skaginn 3X wins Icelandic Innovation Award

Skaginn 3X, maker of freezing, chilling, and processing equipment for the fishing industry, was awarded the Icelandic Innovation Award at Nýsköpunarþing 2017 (Innovation Day 2017).

Skaginn 3X was created by the merger of two technology companies: Skaginn hf. and 3X Technology ehf. The company specialises in food processing, chilling and freezing equipment for the fishing industry, and has operations in four places in Iceland.

Morgunblaðið – – wrote an interesting article about the company:

Skaginn 3X’s pelagic fish system is almost completely automatic, and utilises image recognition and artificial intelligence to identify the catch and optimise the processing.
“Our systems take the fish straight from the boat and return the product ready, ordered on pallets in a freezer. The system will have sorted the fish based on size, quality and species, and packaged into sales units. The automation and efficiency reaches the level that each paid man-hour returns a whole pellet of packaged product.”

You can read the whole thing here (Icelandic).

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