Seven companies chosen for Startup Energy Reykjavik

The third batch of Startup Energy Reykjavik companies has been announced. The companies will receive $40,000 in seed funding from backers Arion Bank, Landsvirkjun, Innovation Center Iceland, and GEORG. The accelerator is operated by Icelandic Startups and The Geothermal Cluster (Gekon).

The following companies will participate:

  • Arctic Sea Minerals: Salt that is healthier and includes less sodium.
  • Health Snacks: Makes snacks from fishskin.
  • Ískristallar: Are working towards marketing proteins that reduce the formation of ice crystals, leading to longer shelf life for frozen foods.
  • Kjarni: Utilising insects for waste removal.
  • ELF Tech: Develops technology that makes it possible to look under the surface of the earth and listen to the northern lights.
  • Mýsköpun: Using geothermal energy to grow and utilise algae in Mývatn.
  • Zeto: Soap and skincare procuts where algae extract is used instead of water, without filling or added chemicals.

Two previous Startup Energy Reykjavik companies have received further equity funding: DTEquipment and Key Natura.