RVX and Solid Clouds to represent Iceland at Slush Nordic Showcase 2016

It’s this time of year again – Slush Season. Just like last year, Icelandic companies, investors, and others (including me 🙃) will be present, to pitch, connect, and learn. Yesterday, Slush announced its line-up for their Nordic Showcase 2016.

The Nordic Showcase is hosted for the second time and will:

present the next upcoming game changers from the Nordic region. Make sure not to miss your chance to see the top 10 Nordic founders step on Founder Stage on the first day of Slush, sharing the most important milestones along their entrepreneurial journeys. The Nordic Showcase will be opened by the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. (from Slush website)

Two Icelandic companies will be introduced: Solid Clouds and RVX. On the website, Solid Clouds are hailed as a leading MMORTS developer:

One of the leading MMORTS developers in the world
Founded in late 2013, Solid Clouds is an indie game studio now working on its first product, Starborne: Sovereign Space. Starborne will incorporate popular 4X mechanics into the MMORTS style of gameplay offering something wholly new to the established MMORTS market. With veteran developers and artists working on Starborne, it will offer a truly unique gameplay experience accompanied with a triple-A polish. (link)

VR studio RVX, that collaborated with Sólfar on Everest also get an intro:

RVX is the co-producer of the highly acclaimed Everest VR. A Virtual Reality studio with its roots in computer games and film visual effects, RVX is currently developing a unique VR portal combining immersive experiences, virtual travel, discovery, music, art, culture, social media and e-commerce. Co-founded by award-winning VFX supervisor Dadi Einarsson and Hollywood director Baltasar Kormakur, the Reykjavik-based company is headed by Ben Bohn, formerly of CCP Games. The studio is set to become a global trailblazer in meaningful, interconnected and visually compelling virtual experiences. (link)

Looking forward to their keynote at Slush 🙂