Northstack is mapping the Icelandic startup scene

Since we started Northstack, we’ve tracked and published data on the Icelandic startup and tech scene. In fact, it is one of the reasons we started doing what we’re doing to begin with. The reason is simple: Iceland has long been a black box when it comes to data on startups and tech companies.

That’s why we decided start mapping the Icelandic startup and tech scene. We’re going to collect data from 2012 through 2016 (and hopefully going forward) on startups, funding events, people and organisations. This data will be published on industry databases like Crunchbase, Pitchbook and Dealroom. We want the data to be accessible to investors, reporters, analysts, and researchers.

We’re very lucky to have the backing of leading stakeholders in the Icelandic ecosystem. We’re partnering with Invest in Iceland, Federation of Icelandic Industries, NSA Ventures, Frumtak Ventures, and SA Framtak (Brunnur VC) to make this happen. In addition, we’ll get help with the data from the likes of Icelandic Startups and the Technology Development Fund.

The work will take a couple of months, and we see the value to the ecosystem as follows:

a) We’ll have detailed historical data so we can plot the development of trends and key numbers. This means institutions and the government will finally have data to show, and base their decisions on. Collaborative projects (like the University of Reykjavik/MIT project) will have more accurate data.

b) We’ll be able to more accurately compare Iceland to other ecosystems.

c) The data will be accessible on startup databases. This means Iceland will be more accurately represented in these important places.

d) Northstack will be better equipped to analyse and report on the Icelandic startup scene.

If you have any questions, reach out to Guðbjörg Rist Jónsdóttir who is leading the project. You can reach her at