New startup career fair to help Nordic startups attract international talent

The following is a guest post from our friends at Founders House.

The Nordic startups need talent. Everything from highly experienced CMOs to that kickass intern that help you set up a new lead generation cycle. The best candidates we see are often referred by personal network such as the early international employees, previous colleagues with startup experience, and don’t underestimate the expats and spouses.

We are happy to see the #NordicMade Career Fair take off. One of the main bottlenecks for the Icelandic startup ecosystem is access to talent. We certainly do have a well educated population, however in Iceland there is a lack of people with the relevant skills and know-how needed to better support economic growth derived from export driven industries – Salóme Guðmundsdóttir, CEO of Icelandic Startups

The Hub and Startupmatcher work year round to create a great platform for startup jobs. But this one time a year it is a team effort. #NordicMade want to engage the people of the startup ecosystem to use your personal network and help startups of the North find their next brilliant team member. Please share #NordicMade Career Fair with your personal network, whether that be Icelandic, another home country or international.

The #NordicMade Career Fair is free, and the reason we’re doing this is that we experienced finding talent is one of the biggest challenges for startups – in Startup Village* and Founders House alone we have almost 100 open positions –  so we decided to do something about it and created #NordicMade Career Fair for startups in the Nordics.

#NordicMade Career Fair is different from other career fairs as it:

  1. It is virtual, which means that talent and startups meet online and are presented with a shortlist of respectively relevant jobs or relevant candidates
  2. The entire Nordic startup ecosystem supports and spreads the word of your jobs
  3. The candidates are from all over Europe and are willing to relocate
  4. It is only a few hours and you can work with the chat window open next to other tasks from your office
  5. Only for startups
  6. It is free

For more information please visit, The entire Nordic startup ecosystem #NordicMade of 35+ startup organisations is backing a recurring yearly Startup Career Fair organised by Founders House and Graduateland.

The online event is 15 November 2017, 13.00-16.00. See more and upload your open vacancies and internships,

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, should you have any questions and for technical support, please contact or watch this how-to video

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