Music education game Mussila re-released on iOS and Android

Rosamosi, the game studio behind the Mussila music education apps, just released a new version of their original Mussila game. It is available on iOS and Android. According to a statement, the new Mussila game is a “more exciting, and even more educative format. It has new more easily relatable characters, more fun and more interactivity.” They also report that kids that play the Mussila game learn music 20% faster than those that don’t.

The game has received excellent reviews from various independent critics.

“Along the way, I began for the first time to understand how to read music and it dawned on me that it had never been introduced to me in such an uncomplicated and coherent method. Mussila is highly recommended for every child’s iPad!”
Teachers with Apps review

In Mussila kids take their first steps to learning to read music. They listen to sound examples and gain points by distinguishing between different rhythm lines or melodies. They listen to a tune and need to play it out on a piano by memory while looking at sheet music.

The kids and the monsters need help! Where are their instruments?
The Mussila band is on their musical journey and have lost their instruments and costumes. Mussila is a fun and creative game for children 5-9 years old that gives kids basic skills in music theory, instruments to play and the chance to create their own music.
Travel with the Mussila band and participate in jam sessions with musical monsters, taking place on mountainsides surrounded by mystical creatures. The player progresses through skill building levels, by recognizing different instruments and defining rhythms and melodies.
Mussila is based on a thoroughly planned curriculum, made to encourage the child’s self esteem through accomplished and fun play. It is a zero violence and gender neutral adventure in which your child learns musical understanding they can build on for life.
From Mussila’s description

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