Mesher is a new way to shop for clothes online

Mesher is a smartphone app that helps you buy clothes that fit. It uses the camera on the device to scan your body and estimate your measurements, and in turn recommend clothes for you based on fit and style preference using a Netflix-style recommendation algorithm.

The Mesher team participated in Startup Reykjavik in 2014 and have spent the last year developing the computer vision algorithms behind the body measurements. Emil Harðarson is Mesher’s CEO and co-founder. “We’ve also been researching the market and building and testing prototypes. We’ve been studying the fashion industry and started working with brands and websites trying to understand the mindset from their side.”

In addition to calculating your measurements, the app allows you to share your profile with others. “This makes giving clothes as gifts a viable option for the first time ever,” says Emil.

Emil says the team got the idea because they love buying stuff online, but like many people, have had trouble buying clothes online. “We believe that the biggest source of trouble for people trying to buy clothes online is the lack of personalized information about size and fit of the clothes. What size should you take? Are your arms too long? Will it hide your beer belly?” Mesher is here to solve this.

The first version of the iOS app is being beta tested at the moment, and the team anticipates launching the app on iOS before Christmas. “The next months will focus on building, learning and iterating on the product,” says Emil. “Also, we’re looking for good people to join the team, especially software developers.” You can send them an email at for more info.

Emil Harðarson and Eiríkur Þór Ágústsson
Emil Harðarson and Eiríkur Þór Ágústsson

Mesher received a $16,000 (~2 million ISK) pre-seed investment from Arion as part of the Startup Reykavik program in 2014, a grant from the Technology Development Fund for ~$78,000 (10 million ISK), as well as other grants.

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