Icelandic biotech innovation invited to India

Two Icelandic companies have been invited to participate at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) to be held in Hyderabad, India, next week. The companies are Platome Biotechnology, represented by its CEO Sandra Mjöll Jónsdóttir-Buch, and Kerecis, represented by its CEO Guðmundur Fertram Sigurjónsson

The United States host GES annually but this year it will be co-hosted by India. The GES previous years were attended by the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, but this year Ivanka Trump will lead the US delegation. Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, will be attending as well. Over 1500 entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters are expected to attend the event. The US department of state and US embassies around the world carefully selected all participants. It was the US embassy in Iceland that nominated Sandra Mjöll and Guðmundur for participation. This year the event highlights women under the theme “Women first, prosperity for all”.

A strict selection process precedes an invitation to the event and only 75 individuals were selected from Europe. The two Icelandic representatives are considered excellent candidates. Platome Biotechnology develops new ways to grow human cells using human blood platelets to do so instead of using animal blood. Platome was selected as the startup of the year by the Icelandic Business Magazine and won the Rising Star Business competition held by Deloitte in Iceland this year. Sandra Mjöll will be participating as a speaker at the GES. Kerecis develops novel wound care products using decellularized fish skin. Both Kerecis and Guðmundur have received various recognitions and awards for innovation.

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