Here are the 9 startups that pitched at Startup Reykjavik Investorday

This morning 9 companies from the 2015 Startup Reykjavik accelerator batch pitched to investors at the Arion Bank headquarters in Reykjavik. This event marked the ending of the 2015 batch.

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Datadrive is a company that’s adding big data to your driving. The aim is to help the car owner save money, and car service companies provide better service. Datadrive have partnered up with Vodafone (who are also a shareholder) for testing the product, and they have sold 500 devices to individuals. They’re seeking funding to expand to more markets and users.

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Our Delphi

Our Delphi’s mission is to use the wisdom of crowds to forecast the future. Their model is based on getting a large userbase to predict future events, and gamifying the predictions, by giving users points based on correct predictions. The user acquisition strategy is at first based on targeting communities that are interested in future events and later by embedding predictions on other websites. Our Delphi’s revenue plan is twofold, advertising and selling data.

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Genki instruments

Genki instruments recognized a problem with modern concerts, a musican standing on stage playing on his laptop. To solve this problem they are creating a wireless motion sensor that you strap to your hand. With the sensor you can use movements to control the music. They have a prototype called TE out and plan to use Kickstarter to raise funding for production.

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HÚN|HANN Brugghús

Hún/hann brugghús is a nanobrewery that wants to take part in the craft beer revolution going on around the world. They will start production soon and plan to release a new beer every month. They have plans to become a microbrewery by 2016 and open a brew pub in Reykjavík in 2017.

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Ludis is creating a platform for developers to get their board games to a television screen and allowing users to play with their smartphones. Their idea is that by using the smartphone and TV casual gamers can play together in real life. For revenue, they will take a cut of all sold games and in-game purchases, similar to the App store.

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Spor í Sandinn

Spor í sandinn aims to build a biodome in Laugardalur (and other locations thereafter). The biodome will host a year round green paradise that will produce food within the city and offer local products, edutainment, events and more aimed at both locals and tourists. Plans estimate that construction will start in 2016 and that they will be operational by early 2017.

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Study Cake

Study Cake is an incentive based reading app aimed at children and young adults. By answering questions about books you are reading you can gain brain cells that can be used to trigger rewards from family members. According to their pitch, their revenue model is based on recurring payments from parents of the kids that use the app, and they will outsource creation of content packages – questions about reading material – to individuals that will be paid per purchase of said package.

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Viking Cars

Viking Cars is a marketplace for car-owners to lease their cars to tourists, and others who need cars. They currently have 100 cars on file (which makes them the 15th biggest car-rental in Iceland) with an average of a little over 2 rentals for each car. Their revenue model is simple, a 30% cut of the price. In Iceland, a bill was passed this summer that allowed individuals to rent their cars (in effect making rentals like these completely legal), and Viking Cars has a working relationship with the four main insurance companies in Iceland.

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Wasabi Iceland

Wasabi Iceland will be the first high tech wasabi grower in Europe. They will use greenhouses to create high quality wasabi as production of real wasabi is not keeping up with demand worldwide. Wasabi Iceland is ready to begin production in november and, if everything goes to plan, will start shipping wasabi by the end of next year.