Here are the 18 Icelandic Startups representing Iceland at Slush

Slush 2015 will be held November 11-12 in Helsinki, Finland. With around 15,000 attendees this year, Slush is one of the biggest startup and tech events in Europe, with hundreds of startups, investors and investors attending.

Klak Innovit, entrepreneurship center, in association with, Promote Iceland, the Icelandic embassy in Finland, Slush, and the Federation of Icelandic Industry, have planned a voyage of Icelandic Startups to represent the flourishing Icelandic startup scene at the event. The following Icelandic companies will be there.

Watchbox is a social app built around sharing photos and videos with groups, with the ability to embed channels on websites. Was featured on Product Hunt.

CrankWheel recently launched their hassle-free screensharing product, and will be following up their launch at Slush.

Digon Games
This Reykjavik based game studio launched their first game, Kickoff Club Manager, last August.

Solid Clouds
Founded by CCP veterans, Solid Clouds are building Starborn: Sovereign Space, a gigantic and ambitious, free-to-play massively multiplayer online strategy game for browsers and tablets. Article on VentureBeat

Concept art from Starborne - image:
Concept art from Starborne – image:

Oxymap offers a non-invasive solution for the measuring of retinal oxygen saturation and vessel width. The Oxymap T1 is easily added to a fundus camera.

3Z Pharmaceuticals
3Z is a preclinical drug company focusing on the discovery of Central Nervous System (CNS) drugs. It provides pharmaceutical companies with expert services in high throughput screening of small molecule libraries for CNS effects. They will be pitching at the Slush 100 pitching competition.

Mantra ehf.
Mantra is the publisher of the magazine Man.

Kaptio is an enterprise travel platform built on Salesforce’s platform. It provide professionals with the information they need and automation to make their work more efficient.

Data Smoothie
Data Smoothie helps market researcher crunch and present their data with a user-friendly web-app.

Data Smoothie - image:
Data Smoothie – image:

Rosamosi is building Mussiland,which is a series of music apps for kids that teach the basics of music through play and practice. They have a Kickstarter campaign.

Strimillinn is a web-app that helps consumers master their shopping basket, tracking purchases by scanning receipts. Our coverage.

Mousetrap is a mobile gamestudio that created Dot-A-Lot. They develop mobile games for iOS and Android and aim to create high quality, addictive games in a short cycle, utilising crowd-testing and analytics.

Rational Network
Rational Network is an Internet of Things company, with both hardware and software, and enabling device data communication over existing power lines. They will be pitching in the Slush 100 pitching competition.

Authenteq is the online marketplace identification software that recently was one of the winners of the Deloitte Rising Star pitching contest. They will be pitching at the Slush 100 pitching competition.

Mure VR / Breakroom
Mure make Breakroom, a Virtual Reality application that is a fully functional workplace environment tailored to your specific needs and aesthetics. They will be pitching at the Slush 100 pitching competition.

Solfar is a VR gaming studio currently working on Godling for the PS4.  Here’s an article about it. Thor Gunnarsson, co-founder of Sólfar, has a short talk and participates in a panel on Virtual Reality at Slush.

Still from Godling - image:
Still from Godling – image:

Radiant Games
Creators of Box Island, a puzzle game for mobile devices that teaches children the fundamental ideas in programming and was recently featured on’s website, will be at Slush.

Study Cake
Study Cake is building a product that aims to encourage children to read, by enlisting parents to create milestones and rewards. They took part in Startup Reykjavik 2015.

12 Nov, 2015: This article has been updated to include Promote Iceland as one of the sponsors and planners of the trip, and Mousetrap as one of the startups.

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