GreenBytes raises a $1M funding round led by Crowberry Capital

GreenBytes raises a $1M funding round led by Crowberry Capital

GreenBytes, the Icelandic green tech company for restaurants has announced a $1M pre-seed round led by Crowberry Capital, with participation from Berlin-based APX, and selected angel investors from Germany. The Reykjavik-based company, which was founded in 2020, plans to leverage machine learning to help optimize the food supply chain.  The team plans to use the newly acquired capital to further develop the GreenBytes product. GreenBytes is also looking to expand to the German market after they enter the Icelandic one.

GreenBytes founders, Jillian Verbeurgt and Renata Bade Barajas, have worked in restaurants and know firsthand it’s not an easy job. With that experience they learned that time constraints, pressure to perform and the need to provide quality service make it time-consuming for restaurants to order and maintain their food stock coming from multiple sources. The product they came up with is a digital AI solution that is meant to help restaurants manage their restaurants, reduce food waste, and maximize profits.

“Inventory management and order planning are often overlooked because it takes time and effort to do well,” says Renata, GreenBytes CEO.

GreenBytes CTO, Jillian had this to say: “We are building GreenBytes to help restaurants reduce their operational costs, reduce food waste, and allow restaurant workers to focus on providing good service and making delicious food.”

Restaurants seem to agree it’s time to digitize and move towards sustainability.

“Our goal is to prevent food waste and with GreenBytes we believe we can do that. We have been working on the development of the system with them and are really excited to put it into use. With the system, we will greatly simplify the ordering process and make our store managers’ work easier and save them time,” says one of their clients Gurrý Indriðadóttir, a restaurant owner.