Gracipe challenges the traditional food recipe

Gracipe is an Icelandic startup that plans on transforming the way we read recipes by providing a visual representation of the recipe. The new graphical recipe is perhaps best described as a mix between a flowchart and an infographic, instead of the standard text and ingredients list we all know. To make this happen, the Gracipe team is building a web and mobile app that takes traditional text based recipes and transforms them into an illustration that is easy to understand and follow from start to finish.

“Food recipes have been presented in the same way ever since humans started documenting food preparation information centuries ago” says Gracipe CEO Marinó Páll Valdimarsson. “Instead, Gracipe uses proven methods for presenting complex information in a clear and easily understood manner to make recipes easy to follow.”

Gracipe's product, the Graphical recipe

The idea was born when the founders moved abroad to study and had to start cooking and using recipes for the first time. “We quickly realized how frustrating it was to cook from food recipes. They contained way too much text, they lacked overview and you easily got lost” says Gracipe CEO Marinó Páll Valdimarsson.

Gracipe is already up and running and is in constant development in cooperation with the company’s partners. The team is also working to onboard new partners that are starting to embed the graphical recipes into their own platforms.

“The backlog is full of features for improving users’ experience in the kitchen. Furthermore, we will be announcing some really interesting partnerships in the next couple of months” says Marinó when asked about Gracipe’s near future.

Up until now, Gracipe has been fully funded with grants from the Technology Development Fund, having received approximately $100.000 (13 million ISK) from the fund to date.

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