Fishscale snacks, listen to the Northern lights and more at Startup Energy Reykjavik investor day

Friday was investor day for Startup Energy Reykjavik, one of the several accelerators operated by Icelandic Startups. The pitch event marks the end of the ten week accelerator period.

Seven new clean-tech startups presented their business opportunities last Friday to a room full of investors and industry experts at this year’s Startup Energy Reykjavik Investor Day.
The event marks the end of the 10-week accelerator program. Each participant company receives $40,000 for a 10% stake in their startup, as well as training and feedback from a team of mentors. The seven companies work in diverse clean-tech and energy related fields, such as health products, food production and biotech. […]
The seven companies which presented their ideas were:
  • Zeto: Soap and skincare products where algae extract is used instead of water, without filling or added chemicals.
  • Atmonia : Catalyst design for green ammonia.
  • Health snacks: Created a new method for producing snacks from fishskin.
  • Íslkristallar: Are working towards marketing proteins that reduce the formation of ice crystals, leading to longer shelf life for frozen foods.
  • ASM: Production of low sodium salt from seawater and geothermal brine, creating a healthier, tastier alternative for traditional salt.
  • Aurorafy: Develops technology that makes it possible to look under the surface of the earth and listen to the northern lights.
  • Marimo: The first company to grow and utilise Icelandic micro-algae in health and food products.
Startup Energy Reykjavik is a cooperative project run by Arion Bank, Landsvirkjun, Innovation Center Iceland, Georg, Icelandic Startups and Iceland Geothermal. Startup Energy Reykjavik’s role is to support new companies in clean-tech and energy related industries and speed the transition from idea to product. (from a press release)

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