Cleantech startup Janulus raises $97K (and counting) on Kickstarter

Icelandic CleanTech startup Janulus launched its Kickstarter campaign for Trinity, the portable wind turbine, on September 21st with an initial goal of $50,000. In the last 7 days it has surpassed its goal and is at $96,688 at the time of writing. There are still 28 days left of fundraising.

Trinity is “the world’s first truly portable wind turbine” enabling its users to generate their own clean energy, wherever they want (as long as there’s some wind) to power anything from their smartphones to charging their Tesla’s (as shown in the promo-video).

Trinity 50 charging an smartphone
Trinity 50 charging an smartphone. Image: Janulus

Janulus previously launched a successful campaign for a Trinity wind turbine prototype and quickly followed with a production ready version of Trinity. Janulus seeks to become a global leader in sustainable investments and projects and its founder and CEO is Einar Ágústsson.

Janulus follows in the footsteps of several Icelandic entrepreneurs that have utilized Kickstarter to raise funds for their projects, and is to our knowledge the project that has raised the most total funds using crowdfunding in Iceland, with a full 28 days to go.

Below is the promotional video for Trinity.