CCP's EVE: Gunjack Bundled With Samsung Gear VR

Preorders of Samsung S7, which will include the Samsung Gear VR headset, will be bundled with CCP’s VR shooter EVE: Gunjack.

This is revealed on Oculus’s blog.

With the Samsung S7 and Gear headset, US customers will be given a $50 worth of apps. In one of the pre-made bundles, CCP’s game is featured.

These news follow in the footsteps of similar news, of pre-orders of the Oculus Rift headset being bundled with EVE: Valkyrie, the game studio’s flagship VR game.

CCP’s strategy shift towards VR, and recent investment to boost VR efforts, seems to be on to a good start, for now at least. If similar developments follow for Icelandic VR companies, we might very well be on the way to become VR valley.

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