Avo raises $3m and launches 'Inspector' for instant analytics governance

Avo raises $3m and launches 'Inspector' for instant analytics governance
Avo co-founders Stef and Sölvi.

Avo, the startup helping teams track and manage analytics governance, just announced a $3m fundraise, led by GGV Capital, with participation from Heavybit and Y Combinator. The company previously raised capital from Brunnur Ventures and Investa and later became the first Icelandic company to participate in Y Combinator, the world’s best accelerator.

“The next trillion-dollar software market will be driven from the ground up, with developers deciding the tools they use to create digital transformation across every industry. Avo offers engineers ease of implementation while still retaining schemas and analytics governance for product leaders,” GGV Capital managing partner Glenn Solomon commented in a statement. “Our investment in Avo is an investment in software developers as te new kingmakers and product leaders as the new oracles.”

Avo, which is used by companies like Patreon and Rappi, announced the launch of Inspector alongside the funding announcement. The new functionality accurately captures product tracking and issues such as platform discrepancies and missing metadata, the company explains in a statement. “Inspector gets teams up and running quickly to start upleveling the quality of their existing analytics, whether it’s a custom analytics pipeline or tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel and Segment.”

“We’re excited to help customers diagnose top priority data quality issues within moments of signing up,” co-founder and CEO Stef Olafsdottir commented. “Inspector plays into our broader vision of elping cusomters accelerate their release cycles, implement enterprise-level taxonomies, and ensure continuous visibility through the lifecycle of the product.”

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