ATMO Select, provider of in-store music, closes $1.5 MM Series A

ATMO Select just announced a $1.5MM (ISK 200 million) Series A funding round from Brunnur. The company, which provides in-store music for businesses, was previously operated as Gogoyoko, a music streaming platform. In 2013 the company rebranded to ATMO Select and refocused, working to enable retailers to customise music program schedules to adjust store mood based on a variety of factors. The product also includes a product promotion and announcement-scheduling engine provides the ability to broadcast or target in-store messaging to any location.

Ívar Kristjánsson, CEO Atmo Select
Ívar Kristjánsson, CEO Atmo Select

“We have built a unique in-store customer experience and marketing solution that enables retailers to positively influence consumer behaviour,” commented Ivar Kristjansson, CEO of ATMO Select, “Current software-only streaming solutions are vulnerable to network interruption and employee manipulation. Our hardware-software combo offers retailers of all sizes the power, sophistication and control of an enterprise system at a new affordable price point.”

Ivar was previously a co-founder of CCP Games, and served for 15 years in CEO and CFO roles at the gaming company.

“We believe that ATMO’s powerful value proposition is aligned with industry mega trends and its dramatic ROI makes for a strong sell to retailers that can evolve into a force in the B2B music market,” commented Árni Blöndal, GP at Brunnur Ventures. Árni and his colleague Sigurður from Brunnur Ventures will both join the board of directors.

NSA Ventures is a previous investor in the company.

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