Andri and Hlöðver launch Travelade

Andri and Hlöðver launch Travelade

Two Icelandic tech veterans recently announced their new startup, Travelade. Using their own words:

Travelade is a small startup on a journey to make travel more personal. We’re a group of avid world travelers, and have come to realize that everyone’s travel style is different — and changes. Too often recommendations of what to do and see at a destination don’t take into account you and your preferences.
So whether you’re a wilderness lover looking to stay clear of crowds, a backpacker on a budget, or a family seeking kid­friendly fun, we want to get you the right — and trusted — recommendations. Vacation time is too short to be wasted on disappointing experiences!
Discovering things to do and see when traveling is a frustrating and time consuming task that generally results in mediocre recommendations at best. Existing travel information, recommendations and reviews are scattered, poorly organized, and fairly generic and convergence towards the lowest common denominator (things everyone like to some extend).
To solve this problem, Travelade is building a trusted personalized travel marketplace for things to do and see, worldwide.

Andri Heiðar co-founded Innovit, which later became Icelandic Startups, and then went to Stanford for his MBA. For the last three years he’s been in product roles at LinkedIn, most recently as Product Lead focused on the newsfeed.

Hlöðver has for the last seven years been the technical lead at, Iceland’s phonebook. He led the development of technical solutions, such as the company’s website, map solutions and mobile app.

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