500 Startups Nordics pre-accelerator open for applications

500 startups, the renowned startup accelerator and seed-fund, is looking for companies from the Nordics to join its first batch of a new pre-accelerator: 500 Startups Nordics. The program will be in Oslo and starts January 16th. You can apply here. This will be the first of several of these programs 500 Startups aims to run in the Nordic region, Tech.eu reports.

Participating companies will receive a $10,000 investment ($7,000 cash, $3,000 program fees) for a 2% stake in the company. The program is a one-month intensive program with the aim of helping companies prepare for their seed-round or joining another accelerator, such as Y Combinator or 500 Startups full accelerator program.

The criteria explicitly states that they’re looking for companies with the following traits:

  • Looking to join an accelerator or raise funding in the next 6-9 months
  • Have an MVP (minimum viable product) and be live in market
  • The core team is in place, ideally with 2 cofounders full time focused on the project
  • Excited about growing their business outside the Nordics and creating a global presence

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