Vitar Games secures $550K from Behold Ventures and Brunnur to develop WWI Strategy game Dig In

Vitar Games secures $550K from Behold Ventures and Brunnur to develop WWI Strategy game Dig In

Icelandic game developer Vitar Games has secured $550K in its first round of funding, with Behold Ventures and Brunnur leading the investment. The funding will be used to further develop the company’s debut game, Dig In, which offers a novel approach to reinvigorating the management and strategy genre with a healthy mix of historical research and a fresh perspective on game design.

Dig In, inspired by World War I, introduces a strong focus on the logistic side of war and the human cost of conflict. The game will be available on PC via Early Access on Steam.

Founded earlier this year by CEO Baldvin Albertsson and CTO Ævar Örn Kvaran, Vitar Games’ board of directors includes Sigurlína Ingvarsóttir on behalf of Behold Ventures, Sigurður Arnljótsson on behalf of Brunnur, and Runno Allikivi for Vitar Games. The company has also received support from game and tabletop designer Rúnar Þór Þórarinsson, former CFO of Remedy Games Mika Reini, and historical advisor Jesse Alexander of Pro Time.

“It’s an amazing feeling that the work has paid off and that we have two VCs as investors that bring to the table experience and expert knowledge of the industry,” says Baldvin Albertsson,  “Yeah, you could say the beacon is lit now,”.

Baldvin is a classically trained theater actor and director who always wanted to join the gaming industry. Armed with a burning passion for both video games and history he patiently built Vitar Games from the ground up. He was then joined by  Co-founder Ævar Örn Kvaran that brings over 15 years of experience in the industry having honed his craft at Gogogic, CCP, and recently Mainframe Industries.

Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir, a founding partner at Behold Ventures, said: “I met Baldvin quite early in the Vitar journey, at least a year before we started Behold Ventures. So I have been observing his progress for quite some time. I could sense some magic, and every time we spoke there was always consistent progress on the project, so when Vitar had Ævar Örn onboard, we saw no reason to wait for anything.”

Vitar Games received support and advice from the creative studio Weird Pickle, which created the company’s brand and provided consultation on fundraising and attracting talent. Weird Pickle was founded by Runno Allikivi, Jósep Þórhallson, and Emil Ásgrímsson, who is also the Art Director of Dig In.