Leviosa raises $1M Pre-seed from over 60 healthcare professionals

Leviosa raises $1M Pre-seed from over 60 healthcare professionals
CEO and co-founder of Leviosa, Matthías Leifsson on stage introducing Leviosa

Icelandic healthtech startup Leviosa just closed a $1M pre-seed funding round. The capital is committed from existing shareholders, who are all angel investors, and adding over 60 healthcare professionals, the majority of whom are practicing physicians from Iceland and elsewhere.

Founded in 2019, Leviosa focuses on developing cutting-edge healthtech solutions aimed at significantly reducing documentation time and administrative burdens for healthcare professionals. As previously reported, Leviosa raised $700k from angel investors in 2022.

Davíð Björn Þórisson, emergency physician, co-founder, and CPO at Leviosa says "Securing this investment from a diverse group of physicians and healthcare professionals is the ultimate validation of our mission. [...] They intimately resonate with the challenges of dealing with outdated systems during busy shifts, and Leviosa brings hope by offering user-friendly solutions that lead to safer procedures, enhanced precision, and increased productivity in our challenging healthcare environments."

Matthías Leifsson and Davíð Björn Þórisson, co-founders of Leviosa

Matthías Leifsson, CEO and co-founder adds that: "Over the past year, Leviosa has made exceptional hires and strengthened its domain knowledge, placing the company in a unique position within the healthtech sector. We take pride in the progress achieved thus far and eagerly anticipate the exciting developments in 2024. Collaborating with various public health organizations and private clinics, Leviosa is actively being implemented across multiple organizations. Stay tuned for more updates on our projects in the coming year."

Matthías adds that this injection of capital will allow the company to finish development and launch within the Icelandic healthcare system.