LearnCove secures a $900K funding round

LearnCove secures a $900K funding round

LearnCove, a digital training platform that simplifies training processes, has raised a little more than $900K in a recent funding round as reported by Viðskiptablaðið. Two shareholders, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the CEO of CCP Games, and Info Capital, an investment firm owned by Reynir Grétarsson, increased their stake in the company. On top of that UR Seafood, an Icelandic seafood company also participated in the round. This newly acquired capital is supposed to support the growth of the LearnCove platform both abroad and within Iceland.

Learncove’s platform aims to replace the training manual for all kinds of manufacturers in different industries. Learncove helps companies to optimize their production processes by providing diverse training for their staff. The solution is already being used by a diverse group of companies in the fishing industry in Iceland and internationally serving educators, equipment manufacturers, and seafood companies.

Aðalheiður Hreinsdóttir, the CEO of LearnCove and one of the company’s founders, says that LearnCove benefits enormously from the guidance of the team of investors that LearnCove has now assembled. She also mentions the extensive experience of the shareholder’s group that will undoubtedly prove valuable in LearnCove’s upcoming projects.

Last year was very eventful for LearnCove with the number of customers quadrupling within the year. The recent funding round will definitely help to handle this impressive growth. Aðalheiður expects the number of employees to double in the next two years.

One year ago LearnCove closed a similar funding round. Below you can read Northstack’s article about that round.

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